Stand. | Ima.

Despite of all the pain, hurt and tears
I’m still smiling.
In spite of all the storms, judgments and being secluded
I still love.

In spite of anger, violence and turmoil
I still have hope
In spite of starving, not having shoes and being cold
I value life.

In spite of fear, doubt and timidity
I’m still optimistic.
In spite of being broke, alone and discouraged
I’m still standing.

In spite of all the hurt, pain and tears I caused
I’m forgiven.
In spite of all the hardships, I’m still standing…

I’m standing under His grace,
I’m full of hope,
I’m spirited and motivated,
I’m optimistic,
And I’m me.

Stand through all,
Stand with him,
Stand as you are.
Stand, stand…

Written by Mushiywa S. Gebashe